Seriously Sharp Cheddar 2 lb. block

Seriously Sharp will turn a cheddar lover into a cheddar enthusiast. Brace yourself for the intensely tangy, nutty and complex flavor that this cheddar has to offer. Simply put, this cheese is not messing around. It has a dense and slightly crumbly texture and a milky white color. Redolent of the grassy, clovercovered fields of the North Country, we like to savor it with full-flavored ingredients like smoked meat and spiced chutney. This is the cheese that will make a box of macaroni weep with joy or your fondue pot go weak in the knees. It is the cheddar that bites back.

About the Product
  • Fresh from Vermont
  • 2 lb. block
  • Ingredients; Pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes
Seriously Sharp Cheddar 2 lb. block
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  • Item #: WAL-0010
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