Selter's Double Smoked Sweet Bologna - 4 x 12 oz.

It might take long to say but its flavor is delicious. To shorten the name, just call it the "candy" of Lebanon Bolognas. Developed to celebrate our 100th anniversary, this old fashioned sweet bologna is smoked for three days, cooled and re-smoked for an additional half day. This heavy smoke process is the perfect blend of the Seltzer spice blend, plus added brown sugar to give your taste buds a delicious smoky, sweet treat. It was first developed to cure within a narrow cloth bag, but customer demand led us to make it in the traditional size of a deli slicing loaf. The traditional cloth bag can still be found in many hometown farmers markets in Central Pennsylvania.

About the Product
  • Naturally Wood Smoked
  • Enjoy some now, freeze some for later!
  • Lean beef!
  • Makes a great gift!!
Selter's Double Smoked Sweet Bologna
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