Kefalotyri. 1/2 LB

  • Imported from Greece
  • Unpastuerized sheep's milk
  • Drizzle with olive oil
  • Dry, aged texture
  • great on a sandwich

Not commonly found in the U.S., this pasteurized sheep and goat's milk cheese has been produced in various regions of Greece since Byzantine times. A traditional Greek hard cheese, Kefalotyri is known historically to be the first cheese that was to be produced at the start of the new season, ensuring that the milk that was used during the cheesemaking process was taken after the lambs were weaned. Similar to Romano, this firm, dry cheese is aged for three months and offers a slightly sharp finish to an already distinct sheep and goat's milk flavored cheese. The classic way to enjoy this cheese is fried in strips or cubes.

  • Made from pasteurized sheep and goat's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 8 lb. form of cheese.
  • We cut and wrap this item by the 1/2 pound.
  • Please contact us if you would like to purchase the whole form.
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  • Item #: CH-183014
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